Dun Movin Ranch is home to Dr. Mike Horsemanship and the Equine Hydro-T.

We pride ourselves on working with each horse and rider to promote learning and excellence in Horsemanship.
Dr. Mike

If you have questions about a private clinic (in the US) or working with
Dr. Mike in the San Jose Bay Area or Stockton California areas,
please feel free to call 408-427-6179 or email michael@dunmovinranch.com

Specializing in the following:

*  Evidenced Based Horsemanship    * Rider Confidence building   *  Problem solving   
*  Foundation horsemanship  
*  Balanced Horse - Balanced Rider   *  Development and Rehabilitation of Horses

Dr. Michael Guerini is a horseman, author, and scientist from Gilroy California. From an early age Mike gained valuable experience working with horses with his family. To this day he continues to develop a whole horse coaching and education program. On this journey, Dr. Mike continues to learn from top Equine Clinicians in the United States and in 2007 he began to study Dressage. Dr. Mike specializes in helping the rider and horse develop a lasting connection.

My Horsemanship philosophy is that I work with each horse and rider to develop a solid relationship based on trust and the 6 C's of Horsemanship. Please remember---- "It is ALL about the Horse and each one is unique".

Continuing Education by Michael

International Society of Equitation Science Conferences (2015 and 2016)

Biomechanics Lecture Series: Jillian Kreinbring M.S   (November 2015)

Saddle Fit education by Mike Corcoran (October 2016)

Equine Stretching - Equinology (May 2016)

Straightness Training by Marijke de Jong (home study course - in progress)

Reading material from multiple equine authors (ongoing)

Equine Anatomy - Equinology (in progress)

Equine Biomechanics - Equinology - EQ300-600,  (January 2017)

Horsecourse Online (2008)

2002 to present -- Attended clinics/lessons (as rider (r) or auditor (a)) taught by:
Susan Harris (a), Klaus Schoneich (a), Donna Snyder-Smith (a), Felice Rose (a), Gerd Heuschmann (a), Lindsey Hassell (a), Jason Canton (a), Charles Wilhelm (r), John St. Ryan (r), Patrick King (r), George Morris (a), Ian Francis (r), Chris Cox (r), and Richard Shrake (r) 


Dr. Mike's "6" C's of Horsemanship --- Collection, Compassion, Consistency, Control, Confidence, Calmness.