DMR 4 Balance

DMR 4 Balance is focused on the Development (D), Maintenance (M), and/or Rehabilitation (R) of your horse or yourself to bring you and/or your horse into balance and gain or re-gain confidence as a team.

We lose balance and confidence through injury or stress or even when we lose confidence.  We also need to work on developing balance from start and maintaining it through all time.  Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of life come together in balance for both the horse and rider.

Balance can be restored through an evidenced based program that focuses on the individual needs of you or your horse.  This program goes beyond what is normally accomplished in a single lesson or a clinic.  Dr. Mike will work with you on a program that brings horse and rider  into harmony.  Your distance away from Dr. Mike does not matter --- we can develop a plan for success. 

This is not  a lesson program....this is a commitment to do and be more with your horse.  Email or call and we can discuss this program in more detail and determine if it is right for you and/or your horse.  Not every horse or rider will be right for this program but the initial consultation is free.

Dr. Mike will be teaching clinics in 2018 in --- California, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Idaho, and Montana.

Call 408-427-6179 or email to discuss becoming part of the DMR for Balance Program


Dr. Mike's "6" C's of Horsemanship --- Collection, Compassion, Consistency, Control, Confidence, Calmness.